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Insulated Concrete Forms(ICF)

Insulated Concrete Form(ICF) is known in the industry for their many benefits such as energy-efficiency, durability, and low-maintenance. They have continuous insulation on the interior and exterior sides and bottom of the pool. Continuous insulation reduces heat loss and helps to stabilize the pool's temperature. ICF pools reduce energy costs over concrete pools by up to 60%.

Also, because ICF stabilizes a pool’s temperature, the length of a pool season may be increased over that of concrete or fiberglass pools. 


Building an ICF pool requires less time and labor than constructing a concrete pool for a few reasons:

  • The ICF lightweight modular panels are easy to handle.

  • For ICF pools, no heavy equipment is required for delivery, lifting, or cutting

  • Unlike concrete pool wall systems, ICF walls don’t require precise excavations. If excavation of an ICF pool is over-dug, the only additional cost is to backfill the walls once they are in place.


The design flexibility of ICF pools allows economical choices that include curves, arches, and many other design and shape options. ICF has more consistent wall finishes than standard concrete pools. Pool liners or plaster finishes are used to complete the inside of an ICF pool. A pool liner is installed over the pool plaster and lasts typically up to 10 years.​

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